Printing issue

I just tried to print a document from within a project. The printer works everywhere else, but from within Scrivener. When I try, I get a simple message that says “Error while printing.”

In Console, the following appears: Nov 23 17:51:09 Aiko Scrivener[23926]: Printing failed because PMSessionBeginCGDocumentNoDialog() returned -30870.

Any ideas?


I just tried to print again from a different project, and had the same result (both from Scrivener and the Console).

Any ideas?

I’m afraid I’m not sure about this - that is a generic error message that your printer is returning to OS X.

This thread suggests that a fix permissions might help, or it might reveal missing files: … 5&tstart=0

Sorry that’s not much help, but this is something specific to your machine and printer, so it’s a little difficult to diagnose.

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