Printing meta data

Hi - I have used the custom meta data to label scenes within chapter folders. I have worked out how to display these in outliner by highlighting all relevant scenes. But I’d also like to export to word and or print these outliner columns. Can I do that and if so, how? When I go to print preview, it just shows that the synopsis will be printed, not these extra columns. Thank you!

There are a few options:

  • You can use File > Export > Outliner Contents as CSV… to create a file you can open in Excel or other spreadsheet program. You can limit this to just the visible outliner columns, so if you set up the outliner with all the meta-data you want included, you’ll get just that in your export.

  • You can compile the documents as an outline and include the meta-data there. As an example, if you haven’t played much with the compiler, try selecting the “Synopsis Outline” from the Format As drop-down menu, then click the blue arrow button to expand the window and click on Formatting in the sidebar. The Synopsis Outline preset includes just document titles and synopses, but you can Alt-click one of the checkboxes in the “Meta-Data” column to also include that extra data for each item.

  • If you can see everything in in the outliner on your screen, you could use the PrintScreen key to just grab an image of the outliner, if you just need it as a visual reference and not something editable. Paste into Paint, trim if needed, and save as file you can even re-import into Scrivener if you wish. Scrivener’s ScratchPad also has an option to take a screenshot of a selected area, which will be saved in a ScratchPad note and can then be sent to any open project.

Wonderful. Thank you so much. I’ll try the compile option first and then the others if I can’t get the hang of that!