Printing more than 3-up index cards

Scrivener 3 Beta for Windows: Is it possible to print out index cards like this pic instead of 3-up on an 8 1/2 x 11 page? As someone else has noted, that is really a waste of space and paper especially once you start creating over 30 index cards (i.e. 10 sheets of paper), some with only one or two lines of text on them. Thanks, folks!

No. Not possible.

I don’t know if this is implemented on Windows, but on Mac if printing to 8.5x11" paper, it’s possible to get four index cards per page by switching to landscape printing. Perhaps it’s worth checking in the current beta/release candidate. But other than that, I know of no way to get a denser printed output of index cards per se.

That said, if your printer will accept 3x5 index cards, I’ve printed them successfully. Again, I have no way of knowing whether this is implemented in the current Windows RC.

Also, again on Mac, there’s a pre-provided compile format called Full Indented Outline. This will print your synopses in outline rather than card form, and may produce a denser output.

Hope this helps… and isn’t hopelessly Mac-centric. :blush:

Just a thought, do they need to be printed as Index Cards?

After all, Index Cards are basically just a title plus the synopsis (and possibly a bit of metadata). If you have a look at Page Setup (the Outline tab), you can choose what you want to see, such as this, which shows the title, label, synopsis, keywords and word count.

Obviously, if you need to see it as a card, this won’t work, but if all you want is the essential information, it may be useful.


Thanks for the suggestions, all. I guess, for me, it’s more of a visual thing – being able to see all my index cards on one sheet so that I can print it off and then make edits and notations, changing order and drawing lines physically (which I find hard to do on the computer because I can’t always see everything in front of me at one time). I realize that’s kind of OCD or anal-retentive, but that’s just me. LOL However, I may have to implement some of these suggestions and see which works best for my purposes. Thanks again! Really appreciate it.

@Michael, dang it, I know Windows can do screen shots… How about this?

  • Set your Index card text as tiny as legible on a screen, if you squint.
  • Size your index cards so that you can see all your key information and nothing else, as you did in your screenshot above.
  • Change the corkboard background to white. (Mac, this is done through menu Scrivener->preferences->Appearance->Corkboard. I’m sure win RC has an equivalent.)
  • Hide the Inspector, the Binder, the formatting bar, the toolbar, and the footer view (Mac, these are all found in the View Menu or its various submenus. Again, I’m sure Win RC has equivalents.) If you’ve maximised your window, you should see almost nothing on your screen except index cards.
  • Capture your corkboard in a screen shot or three.
  • Print your screen shots.

A brute force method, but if it gets you what you want, why not?

SilverDragon --> Thank you so much! That gets me as close as possible to what I wanted! I’m now able to do what I wanted to do. Your instructions were clear and the necessary settings easy enough to find on Windows S3. Thanks again!

You’re welcome! I just remembered the unofficial motto of my Alma Mater: “There is no technical problem so difficult that it cannot be solved by brute force and ignorance.”

Receiving my initial education in New Zealand, the motto was: ‘There is no technical problem so difficult it cannot be solved with a bigger hammer.’

My technical education was in Massachusetts. I’m pleased to hear that NZ has a similar practical philosophy. :smiley: