Printing multiple docs to pdf

Why cannot a selection of docs be printed to pdf at the same time? (No, compile draft will not do the trick, since these docs are not in the Draft section. And file export will not do, since pdf is not supported there. This needs to happen through the print dialogue.)

Because they are separate documents and you can only print one document at a time. Scrivener is built around the idea that the Draft is what you are going to compile.

Have you tried Edit Scrivenings? Or doesn’t it work outside the Draft folder?


Yes, Edit Scrivenings would work - though I was assuming the op wanted to print multiple PDFs. If he just wants to print to PDF lots of text documents as one long document, Edit Scrivenings would indeed be the answer. Thanks for that!
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Prob with the edit scrivenings method is that the resulting pdf will prob be too big for the iPhone. I will probably write a script that iterates through the files and prints them to pdf one by one. What I should like to see, is pdf included as an option in the export files dialogue. For some incomprehensible reason rtf is not supported on the iPhone.

Have you had a look in the App Store for text readers? I think there are a few already which can read RTF files. This would be much preferably to PDF as they would be smaller and would render faster on the device.

This request is definitely out of the scope of Scrivener, I’m afraid.
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It sounds like you have a touch of the tech flu. Here’s two pills for you to take that hopefully will lower your fever :wink: :

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Now mange, Was that nice? Are you trying to associated with that vic-k guy and the lot of nere-do-wells that associate themselves under the +3 moniker?

I thought not.

Merely trying to get people to realize that some of the discussions here on Scriveners ship tend to go somewhat overboard and in to the murky waters of technophobia/phila-to-the-extreme-and-silly. I mean honestly: RTF, PDF and what have you, on the Iphone! :open_mouth: What’s next? Printing from the Iphone?
I can see the threads on the Iphone-forums before me: “I can’t seem to get my washingmachine running from my Iphone.
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Mange, while I agree with you (I will not say I agree with the mutilated dog as it hurts too much) on the seemingly ridiculousness of some things along this line, please remember that the entire GUI interface was once poo-pooed the same way. So were portable computing solutions. And television, microwaves, indoor plumbing, electric lights, bathing written language for the masses. It might take a few, or even a large number of, bad ideas to get to the good ones.

Again in agreement.

There’s an idea that’ll make you rich: An iPhone application that will take care of the indoor plumbing when it breaks down!!
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