Printing Notes

I’m probably missing something that is very straightforward. No one else seems to have a question about this:

How do I PRINT the document notes (NOT the project notes)?

Basically, as part of my process I put an outline of a scene in the notes section, and then write the scene in the main text area. There are times that I want to print out all of the notes (with or without the text document).

Thanks in advance!

From memory (I’m not at my Scrivener machine at the moment): first select (Cmd-click in the Binder) all the documents whose Notes you want to print, and select Scrivenings mode. Then open the File menu > Page Setup > Click on the drop-down menu at the top of the pane (it probably says “Page Attributes”) > Choose “Scrivener” in that menu > Click on “Options…” two-thirds of the way down the pane that’s revealed > Choose “Text Documents” in the new pane, and, under “Elements to Print”, un-check everything except “Notes”. Click OK, and OK again. Then under the File menu (again), choose “Print Current Document.”

As far as I can remember that will print your Document Notes, and not your Project Notes.

That did it. Thx.

You can also compile notes by checking the “Notes” checkbox in the Formatting section of compile for each applicable row (folders, document stacks, documents), assuming the documents you have notes on are in the Draft/Manuscript/Script/Whatever the Template Called It folder.