Printing option question

When printing an individual document (e.g. a chapter) in Scrivener, is there a way to get it to print the manuscript name and chapter/document name number instead of the file name at the top of the page? I’ve gone into ‘Page Setup’ and played with the settings under the Scrivener menu, but while I can turn off the printing of the file name I can’t find an option for printing anything in its place.

It looks like this can be done under ‘Compile Manuscript’ where you can choose to have a header or footer in which you can control the contents. But this prints the entire manuscript, while I just want to print the one chapter and have identifying info (manuscript name, chapter/document name, and page number) at the top or bottom of each page. Is there an option I’ve missed?

In the “Compile Manuscript” dialog you can set it to export or print as much or as little of the contents of the draft area of your binder as you wish. The first pane gives you a list of documents within the draft area and you can tick on, or untick, as many of the individual documents as you wish. It’s the left hand button of the three at the top of the dialog to select the contents to be exported. Or, when you have one of the documents open, in the inspector there is an option to include it or otherwise in the compiling process.



As Mark says, you don’t have to print all of your work using Compile Manuscript. You can do it the way Mark suggests, but ticking and unticking those buttons. Or, you can use the pop-up button that says “Choose folder” and just choose to import the folder containing a particular chapter.

The printing option under the File menu is just meant for rough drafts and basic print-outs, so doesn’t allow for as much control.

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I hadn’t noticed the “Choose folder” option, that gives me what I need.