printing out corkboard subducs with label color?

Can I print out the subdocs as 3x5 index cards with the label color on each? is there an Avery or other brand product that i can print on and then separate as index cards? any suggestions on doing this? i dont need the whole index card in color (that’ll kill $35 in color print cartridge) i just need the card’s title to be in color so I can organize the cards… thanks !

Yes, it’s quite easy to do that actually. All you need to do is load up the corkboard that you wish to print (or select multiple items of which you want to print and use the Multiple Selection feature to make an ad hoc corkboard), and press Cmd-P like you would for anything else. By default you’ll get colour coded title bars and the synopsis, but there are a number of meta-data options you can add to each card as well. The settings for these are all located in the File/Page Setup... window, under Scrivener settings. Cards can be numbered, ignored if they have no synopsis, keyworded, etc. The default layout is suitable for perforated 3x5 Avery print stock, but cropping guides print by default so you can use regular paper and a cutting block if you don’t have any of that. Here is an example with crop marks:

Jeez Amber… is there ANYTHING this program doesnt do? If I were a computer application, I’d wanna marry it… !!

Thanks always, Thomas


You’re welcome!