Printing Outline with Synopses Double Spaced and More Words


I’ve been looking for this all morning and haven’t had any luck… but at least I did accomplish getting a headache :wink:

I’d like to do three things with the outline when I print it:

  1. Increase the word count of the synopses; it’s averaging about 90 and I’d like to double that.
  2. I want the synopses to be double spaced when I print it so I have room to make notes on that scene.
  3. Better yet, is there a way for me to create empty space between scene breaks to give me room for notes.

Many thanks and good health to all.

Are you using the Compile command, or using Print Current Document to print directly from the Outliner?

  1. The synopsis can have as many words as you want. Are you actually entering the synopsis yourself, or letting Scrivener auto-fill it?

2 & 3 are accomplished by editing the Section Layout applied to the relevant documents. See Section 24.2 in the Scrivener manual.


Hi Katherine.

Thank you so much.

Re. 1, I’m actually just printing from the outline and I had scrivener automatically set the synopses based on the text of the scene.

I will review the chapter you referenced.

All the best.

Printing from the Outline view is fast, but the Compile command is a lot more flexible.