Printing Outline

I know there are several threads on this topic but I have not been able to fix my problem. I am just trying to print an outline. When I compile enumerated or full indented outline, scrivener is returning a blank document. I am sure this is an easy fix but it is very frustrating at the moment. Does anyone have suggestions?
I have also tried to use the page setup => scrivener => outline to print and am still getting a blank document. Please help.

What happens if, instead of printing, you use a file format to export like PDF, or RTF, or even just plain TXT?

Thanks for the response. PDF and Text files are also blank.

Do any of the documents you have selected to compiled have titles, or are they all using grey italicised text based on the content of the synpses or main text? I suppose that would also make for a rather empty outline when using ⌘P from an Outliner view, too.

With compile at least you can edit the format, go into the Section Layouts pane, click the gear button in the top left and enable Include placeholder titles for untitled items.