printing outlines


Searching through the forums someone asked August last year about printing the outline, and was told to compile the draft with just title and synopsis, but, not to worry, because in the next version if you were in outline mode then selecting print current document would print the outline automatically.

I assume the current version – 1.5 – is a newer version, but when I try to print the contents of my drafts folder as displayed in outline mode it doesn’t work. Did this new feature not make it?

I can continue with the compile draft method but I wanted to have my labels (in colour!) included, and there is no option for that as far as I can tell.

Thanks for your help…

I’m pretty sure this is one of the features that got moved to 2.0. In case you missed the announcement a while back, the 1.5 release kept getting things added to it and refined so much so that it made sense to fork development into a paid upgrade later on, and keep bug fixes and smaller refinements (with some new features too) in 1.5. Outline printing and index card printing from Corkboard were probably two casualties of this. In the meantime, the old trick still works.

Yes, as Amber says, this is coming in 2.0, out late this year - the next major version.
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