Printing outlines

I’d love to be able to print the outline view. Or, alternatively, export the outline.

I’m finding Scrivener amazing. I’m using it for my honours thesis. Thanks so much for the brilliant design.

While you are right in not being able to print an outline (and that would be a nice consideration for future versions, the ability to print off Corkboard/Outliners), you can kinda export an outline. It will be a flat list of all the titles, not a heirarchy. Just Export Draft (Cmd-Opt-E) and for your Draft Contents choices, select “Titles” for all three types and de-select everything else. An alternative would be to do precisely what you did just there, and when you choose the Export Format, select MultiMarkdown -> XHTML. Don’t worry if you do not actually have MultiMarkdown in your document, or even know what it is! It doesn’t matter because all you are exporting is titles anyway. That will give you an HTML file that has all of the titles organised into header tags, h1 to h6. So you can see up to six levels of outline depth using that method. Unfortunately XHTML only supports six levels of headings, so it is limited.

Hmm… You can sort of print your outline via Export Draft. Just select to export titles and synopses and nothing else, and then click on “Print” or “Export”. The document won’t be indented, but it will give you a good overview of your project.
Hope that helps,

Slightly off the exact topic, but on the subject of outlines - it would be nice to be able to interoperate with applications like NovaMind and OmniOutliner. OPML import/export would be enough to get the basics done. I have to do some playing around, but conceivably some mucking around with multimarkdown, XHTML and XSLT would get somewhere down the road.

fletcher already has written an MMD exporter for OmniOutliner here.

Maybe if we ask nicely, he’ll write an MMD importer for OO, as well. Then you could move from Scrivener to any OPML program and back, through OO.

I know this has been discussed to death, but I just thought I’d still ask.
Wouldn’t it be nice to print (export) a hierarchical list much like the way the binder shows the list of (nested) documents.
Most of it can be done by exporting titles only, but you’d still need to add structure by hand after exporting.
It’s usually not that big a hassle, but if it’s reasonably easy to implement I’d appreciate the feature. The result would be something like a table of contents, a simple outline that students could send to professors for approval, authors to their agents/ publishers, or for any other reason.

Well now I’m babbling.

Thank you in any case for evaluating all feature requests even though you are swamped with them from day to day!

You can print the heirarchal list, with the Export Draft/Title Only options as outlined above.

I wanted to say I’ve just done it to prepare an Outline for the proposal I’m writing, and it’s working very well for that. I export it and import it back in again, and you have something quite workable. Now, if you could have a column to check off Synopses, so that you only Exported Titles & Synopses, people who used Synopses with the submitted outline needs in mind would be thrilled.

Not quite sure what you mean here. In Export Draft, you can choose to export only titles and synopses, which is by far the best way to export outlines. Don’t know what you mean by a “column”, though.