Printing page numbers

Is there a way to print out the entire project with consecutive page numbers instead of the numbering starting over for each file?

What steps are you taking to get this result? Every method I know of to print out the draft results in consecutive page numbering. Or do you really mean the whole project including material that will not end up in the book? In that case, I don’t think there is a way. Most of Scrivener is designed around the Draft as being the printable, exporting part of the project.

I’m probably being dumb here - but I was trying to just print out a hard copy of the draft while it’s still in progress - but I haven’t exported it as a whole draft yet. It’s still in individual chapters.

So I have to export it as a draft first, right?

You can use the Files --> Export --> Draft dialogue to just print - no need to actually export files.

Go to Export Draft and set up how you want it to print the manuscript, then at the bottom of the window, click PRINT instead of EXPORT.

HTH :slight_smile: