printing problems

I’m wondering if someone could help me. I just downloaded v. 6. I don’t know if that has anything to do with it, but now I can’t print my chapters out. I type in a chapter into Scrivener, then print out and edit. Now I can’t print out. The commands are still there but nothing happens when I click on them and they are now in gray.

August 14 2013

Are you using Print from the File menu or using the Print option in Compile? If the former, is the document you’re trying to print selected in the binder and loaded in the editor? Can you select Print Preview at all or is it also greyed out?

Hi Jennifer,
Thank you for that reply as regards printing out problems (Aug 15 last). Sorry I didn’t reply sooner. I print out from File. I sorted it by moving the six files (chapters) to the trash – the others were okay – but I copied them and pasted them first to new text files. I think in some technical way that I can’t explain they were not loaded to the binder or editor as you say. (There was a symbol beside them that I couldn’t explain)
So, I’m back on track until the next emergency.

Roi Fee

Hm, ok. If it comes again, posting a screenshot would help then to figure out what’s going on. Something I have noticed since your post though is a bug with the availability of the Print-related menu commands. Selecting a binder item that isn’t printable from Scrivener (e.g. a PDF) will disable these command, but then loading a text file by selecting it from the binder can keep the commands disabled. Clicking into the editor before choosing Print should refresh the menu so the commands are available.