Printing project notes?

I’ve futzed around in the “compile draft” area but can’t seem to figure out a way to print the project notes. Is this possible? And if so…how do I do it?


Hmm…no replies at all. Either this is one of those stupid questions that’s been addressed 5,000 times or…?


Actually, I’m afraid there is no way of doing this in 1.11… You will be able to do this in the next update (your post prompted me to make sure of it, as it was a bit of an oversight). So currently the only way to do it is the long way of copying and pasting them into TextEdit and printing from there…


Thanks, Keith! Just having the project/documents note feature is such an incredible help – printable or no.

Thanks again for an amazing product and ever-helpful forums. So far I’ve turned two friends onto Scrivener and they’re both thrilled.