Printing References - Evaluators Question

I am currently evaluating Scrivener as a tool for assessing me in writing online modules for a national training provider in the UK.

The tool seems to do most things I require, but I am curios, is it possible to print the references associated with a text when compiling a draft?



No - because references can refer to anything and so Scrivener cannot understand how to print every type of file. If you mean just a straight list of the references, I’m afraid it can’t do that, either. What would you want to do with it, out of interest?
Thanks for evaluating Scrivener!
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I am writing material that will eventually be used in an online training programme (see separate post for context). One of the requirements is that I reference other material that may well be appropriate for the reader to access if they wish to delve deeper into the information being presented.

As the references section within scrivener provides me with the ability to store web addresses I envisage using this facility to store such links.

I am mindful however that when I eventually compile the draft I will need to give a list of the references, associated with each piece of writing to the online assembly team and therefore the ability to print out the ref list under each text entry, similar to the way I can print notes, would have been useful. Not a deal breaker, but useful.