Printing Scrivener drafts

My printer is working fine with all other requests, but will not print Scrivener manuscript sections either with the “print” command from “File” or with a Word document to which I’ve copied it. All suggestions welcome. Several have already not worked, including Compile Print, but I am not sure I executed it properly. I have an OfficeJet Pro 8720 working with Windows 10 and am new to Scrivener. Thank you!

Hello NomR, and welcome to the forum.

You said your PC will not print your material even if you copy it in Scrivener and paste it into Word. Is that correct?

I’d suggest rebooting your PC, just to confirm that a program hasn’t hung in the background and blocked your PC from printing correctly. If it were my system, I’d also likely restart my printer as well.

You said you tried printing from the File command. By that, do you mean you used File > Print Current Document? If so, did you have it printing directly to your printer? Or, did you try printing that file to PDF?

I ask because we’ve had reports of errors for Windows users when selecting the File > Print Current Document command. In those tickets, the user may find that some of the text gets cut off by the printer if they send it directly. That doesn’t sound like it’s your issue, but it’s worth noting.

One possible solution to that is to use File > Print Current Document and the select the “Microsoft Print to PDF” option rather than going directly to the printer. Then, you can see if the PC can send the PDF to your printer.

The other option, which you mentioned you tried but had issues using, is to compile your work using the compile process.

Personally, that’s the path I would recommend for a few reasons. First, using compile on a regular basis is a good way to learn about that process and become comfortable with it. That way, when you’re facing a deadline or want to submit your work, it’s not as daunting a task.

Plus, the compile process offers the ability to print just a single document, a chapter or two, or the entire manuscript as needed.

We have a 4-part video series titled “Getting Your Work Out” on the Mac tutorial videos page. Those videos demonstrate using the built-in compile formats as well as show the customization process.

I know you’re a Windows user, but the goal for Scrivener 3 for Windows was functional parity and consistency with Scrivener 3 for Mac. The compile process in Mac is similar enough that seeing the overview in those videos could be useful. Watching all four will take about 25 minutes.

Thank you kindly for your quick and thorough response! I will try your suggestions and hope for the best.