Printing Summaries

I would like to print the summaries for all of my documents so that I can create (in Word) a scene by scene outline.

Is there any way to do this?

By summaries, are you referring to the built-in Synopsis feature (where you write on the index card in Corkboard, or in the Inspector)? If so then yes, this is easy. If not, maybe that is a feature you should use, for this a good way to annotate your outline.

The easiest way to export synopses is to use the “Synopsis and Titles” compile Format As preset, or “Synopsis Outline”. These demonstrate the capabilities of the Formatting compile option pane. So if you want to change the look a bit, that’s where you would go to do so. You could even save it as your own “Format As” preset, for future use.

Thanks! That is EXACTLY what I’m looking for.

I’m hoping to use a printed outline with the “synopsis” to review the story with others for critique.

This will work very well for me.

Thank you!


Thank you - i’m going to try this too.