Printing synopses

Is there a way to print just the synopses so I can review the structure when I computer free? Ideally I’d like to print the index cards, 6 or 8 to a page. Or I would settle for printing the outline.


Tripper -

You can get close to this using Page Setup and then Print.

Go to File > Page Setup . . ., choose the Scrivener pane, then choose the “Text Options” tab. Check “Print title” and “Print synopsis” and uncheck the rest.

Then select the items in the binder you want to print and choose Edit Scrivenings so they all appear in one page. (I’m not actually positive this is required – I haven’t experimented to see how documents are chosen to be printed. But this certainly works.)

Choose File > Print.

If you play around with your default export formatting for titles, etc., and make sure “Use export format” is checked in the Page Setup pane, you should be able to get a fairly pleasing result.

Note however that this doesn’t preserve the structure of your outline the way that a true outline printing feature ideally would.


Actually, the best way to do this is via Export Draft. I just printed out my project as titles and synopses - it’s one of the things I actually wrote Scrivener for - and it’s great to get a quick outline like that.

To do what you wish:

  • Open up the Export Draft sheet. You may want to save your current export draft settings (click on the “Save” button) if it is set up to export as a manuscript in the way you wish.
  • In the contents area, check only titles and synopses, and make sure text is unchecked. You will need to specify this for the three file types (folders, text containers and text files) - chances are that for an outline you will want to print the titles and synopses of all three types.
  • In the formatting tab, you will probably want to set it up with a font of your choice, and for an outline you might want it single-spaced. Up to you. Also make sure you set up the fonts for the titles.
  • Click on Print in the Export Draft sheet. This will allow you to print off the outline of your whole draft - titles and synopses only.
  • Once you have set it up how you want, use the “Save” button in the Export Draft sheet to save your synopses settings. You can then load these synopsis settings in Export Draft for any project whenever you want to print off just an outline.

I may even provide a couple of extra default templates with a future update, including a synopsis one, come to think of it.

Hope that helps,

That’ll do it…