Printing the binder

I am probably using Scrivener all wrong, but it works for me! Or at least it did, until I realised that I was writing three versions of my book in three Scrivener windows, and I am going slowly mad. What I would like to do is print the binder from each window to compare and contrast. Does anyone know how I can do this? That’s all I want to print: not a draft, not a document - just the binder. Now I’m going for a biscuit to stave off insanity. Thanks for any ideas.

When you say you want to print the Binder, are you basically looking for a way to print out an outline of your book? If so, you might find these compile settings to be beneficial:

Document Elements:
(For all three columns)

  • Titles
  • Meta-data
  • Synopsis

Everything else unchecked. This will give you a file with a list of all the documents in the Binder, a meta-data section which includes when it was last modified, and the synopsis which may or may not be useful to you. If not you can leave it unchecked.

Then just click the print button.

Hi Amber
I’ve just tried this, but it only gives me stuff that is listed in the Draft folder. I have lots of headings, folders and general dumpings in the Research folder, and I’d like that printed as well.
What I have done is go down the binder and click on all the triangles so that everything is opened to the greatest level of detail. And now I’d like to print the binder exactly as it looks - perhaps even with its indentations, but I can live without that. I’d even be happy with printing it as a screenshot and then physically sellotaping pages together - just as long as I get a complete overview of every heading in the binder.
Many thanks again.

Yes then screen shots will be your best bet. In the future this will be easier since outliner mode will be printable—but for now there really isn’t a way to do what you are wanting. Its a lot of work, and mainly because you are taking a digital process out to paper and then back again. If you could find a way to make your Scrivener project windows very narrow so you can see all three at once, and then use the Option-RightArrow trick to open everything up, you could just scroll between all three and get instant access to the contents as well. Another digital way of doing this would be to import the other two Scrivener projects into the one you intend to merge. Then you’ll get three Binders in one Binder (the other two projects will each be in their own folders). There are a lot of things I would do before printing out screen shots and taping together sheets of paper! :slight_smile:

I’m probably misunderstanding the question, but can’t you just select the items in the binder, hit “copy,” then paste into a new textedit document and print that?

Brett, you are a marvel - thank you! I tried clicking and dragging (my usual method of selecting for copying) but this just moved folders around. So I did Apple+A (select all) and it worked! I’ve dropped it all into a Word document, so now I can indent and format to my heart’s content. I knew this forum was a good idea…!

You’re welcome! I think I learned that trick on this forum myself, when I needed a way to quickly tell editors what topics my next column would include and didn’t want to retype. So every week I just copy the Binder titles into an email.
I learn way more on this forum than I contribute, so it’s nice to be able give back occasionally. The helpful Scriv community plus the responsiveness of the developer and Amber almost equal the value of the product itself, and that’s saying a lot. I bet you’ll help out a newbie yourself eventually. Happy Scrivening!