Printing the Scrivener Outline!

I’ve searched the site and the manual. In the Pre 3 windows version (Win 7) I could print out a copy of the outline in Scrivener. This was the handiest tool around. I can write a novel in virtually any program, perhaps not as nicely as Scrivener, but it is doable. However, creating an easy outline, not so much. Until the Scrivener pre-Win3. I love the feature and it was so very helpful. Now with the shiny new version, I’m really not happy. I’m having to waste more time trying print a copy of the outline, search for a way to print the outline, ask people if they know how to print the outline. Thus this long and extremely annoying post.

I’m a bit tic’d off by it. Why take a simple thing and make it complicated or impossible. Am I the only usere to want to print the outline? From my research (above), no.

Anyone who has figured out a way to print the outline, please let me know. Please. Otherwise, I’m forced to use LIbre office to create an outline, copy all my notes from Scrivener to it, and then print it.

Yeah, that’s simple.

After further searching I found someone outside Scrivener who gave a simple explanation. You can find that here: Scrivener’s Forgotten View: The Outline | Writers In The Storm

However, don’t count on this being worth a thing. It is a spreadsheet that is pretty much worthless for practical use.

But, it’s more than I had. I’m not printing it cause it’s … useless.


Could you please clarify what exactly is an outline to you, other than text or a list-like sequence in the editor ?

Because I fail to see how then you couldn’t print it.

If you meant to print only the synopsis of your documents all together, you sure can.
Either by telling your compile format to do so:

or through File / Print Settings... :

Where there is even a panel to adjust the print settings for what you get in the outliner:

Whether Scrivener will then print according to the settings of the “Text” tab or the “Outlines” tab depends on what is currently the view mode in your editor for the selected documents.


None of that looks like the Win 3 version I have. I suspect you have a Mac.

Windows 10 + Scrivener 3.1.2


Are you trying to print using the Print Current Document command, or do you want to compile an outline document that you will ultimately send to a printer?

If you haven’t already, I’d recommend taking a look at our upgrade guide for Scrivener 1 users, as Scrivener 3 has some very significant changes. You can find it here:

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Vincent is absolutely right. Can print the outline, or even export via File>export>Outline as csv file which opens in excel.
Included a picture of the same thing Vincent did overlaying an actual novel outline.

I’m a bit confused by the notion that one cannot print from the Outliner directly. When I have an outliner view open, and press Ctrl+P, it prints the outline, same as in the previous version. Use File ▸ Print Preview if you want to experiment without wasting paper.

… Or print to PDF. (Top of the print dialog, available printers.)

Hello! Me too. The windows 7 version allowed you to do just thing very thing. It was lovely and made it so easy to have the outline right next to your keyboard and review when needed while working or, take it to a comfy chair and work on it there! Where did they easy, handy feature go? Away.

Can we please have the simply way to print things we need without having to start the TARDIS.

In the the last version, pre-3 Windows version, I could just select to print the outline and viola, I got it. Now, no such luck now. It is trial and error . Meaning I select what I think MIGHT be the way to do it (above) only to have it print pages I do not need, thereby wasting paper and still not getting what I want. I don’t know who in their infinate wisdom decided to make printing anything more complicated was a good idea. This version is way more convoluted that the last one. I’ve had the app since the Windows inception and the printing in this one is the most confusing.

I’d try it. MOst of the suggestions I’ve received are for Macs. I have Windows PC version 3

I’m going to keep trying. So far, everyting I’ve tried hasn’t given me what I used to get with the previous version.

Thanks GoalieDad. I’m aware of this format. Unfortunately, that’s not practical and very unweildy to print. will take tons of paper to be readible. I’ve found the solution however after much messing around that is better.

I’d like to thank all of you who replied to my cry for help. If I seemed stressed… well that is another story but let me just say some parts of life bleed into others. Today we have clouds and rain so I only need an accompaniment. Break out the violins.

Now, I resolved the problem with a couple of hints in the messages and much searching of the program.

1st: You have to go to File> Print Settings> Select what you want to print out.
2. Go to Compile>Select One of the outline formats> PDF (thanksAmberV)>Select Compile>Name the Beast
3. Nothing will happen at this point but a flash on the screen. Well, mine. It saves it without fanfare.
4. Go to Documents>(or whereever you save your junk>Find the file you just saved and open it.>You decide from this point on.
I’m sharing the Print setting photo. (Hope it shows) Apparently this is where you select several different things to print. The results I got was basic and what I needed.

I’m sure the wonderful folks at L&L thought this was a better idea. I love Scrivener and they do a great job. But I’m finding the previous PC version have a few better ideas. Still, I don’t need this outline very often but I’m working on two projects at one time and this makes it easier to keep things sorted on my desk. And I can note where I am in the project quickly or I can skim through to see if any synopsis material is missing.

Thanks again guys.

Vincent, I never foun that first item you have up there, the format thingy. Wait… maybe I did. Yours is bigger. Mine was all squashed. I need to adjust that.

Thank you Kewms. I did get it figured out. However, I will probably take a look at this because I’m finding some things confusing. I’ve used Scrivener since they came out with a windows version but the new version is different .

Not 1. then 2.
These two are unrelated. It is one or the other.
1 – if you want to print right off. (And the print to PDF, or the print preview advice, is so you don’t actually print, yet still get a view of the result, so that no ink and paper gets wasted in proof prints.)
2 – if you rather want to compile.
One or the other, not one then the other. (Unless you don’t mind wasting your time :wink: )

As for the compile format itself, my first screenshot, it is found in the compile panel, left side, double-click the compile format you plan on using.

Minimum effort.

Or export outline as CVS file and open in exile or office eqivalent