printing title, synopsis, and full text?

How do I print the title and the synopsis of an index card, followed by the full document text? So far, I am able to print the title and the synopsis in outline mode, but can’t get the text of each document to follow after the synopsis. I have searched the forums and the manual, but can’t find what I need. I have the strong feeling I have overlooked something obvious! – The reason I need to do this is that I am trying to gain an overview of points to include in a future chapter. At the moment I have a pile of notes on individual cards (docs). But the synopsis is crucial to my decision making, for it tells me in a few short lines what I thought about the content of the document. To do my final sorting, I need to see the synopsis AND the text together. At this stage, is not useful for me just to have the synopsis or just the note (doc/card) text. Printing the outliner would be perfect if I could just make it show the full text after the synopsis! But printing the scrivenings WITH titles AND synopses would also be just fine. – Thanks for a quick reply!

The expanded Compile window has a section called “Formatting”. There are check-marks for title, text and synopsis for each kind of document (folders, text documents, and document groups). Try checking the empty boxes to get a compile output that includes your synopses.

Or, you can split your editor between corkboard and editor or outliner and editor. Set the double-arrow in the footer of the corkboard/outliner side so that it’s blue, and then click on any title/synopsis and it will load the corresponding document in the other editor. That way, you can see all of the synopses in one place, and easily read through the text also.

Worked perfectly! Thank you!