Printing User Manual/Reference Guide

As far as I can see there’s no way to click once and print Scrivener’s User Manual/Reference Guide in its entirety. If you could fix this so the Guide can be printed & filed in a binder for easy ref, I’d appreciate it. (What can I say, sometimes I just need something on paper so I can tab it & make notes at will.)

If this feature already exists, please let me know how to access it.


Hi Candace,

A reasonable suggestion and one that has been brought up before. Unfortunately, the way the Help book works has nothing to do with me. Scrivener just uses the Apple Help application to display the Help file. I write all the HTML and provide the web files for it to display. Providing a printable manual would therefore mean doubling the work as I would have to update two separate Help files. Most users expect the Apple Help book (which is more easily searchable, too), which is why I take that route.

If anyone knows of an application that lets you print off the entire contents of an HTML “site” (such as the Help manual), that would be very helpful for this…

Thanks and all the best,

You mean you don’t keep the manual in Scrivener? With all its nifty export features? :open_mouth:



I use TextWrangler for everything HTML related. I like typing the HTML code myself, and I’d never use Scrivener for something like that. :slight_smile:

If you have Adobe Acrobat Professional, you can create a PDF (with some oddities) from the Help file which you can then print.

Find Scrivener in the Applications folder.
Control-click on it and select Show Package Contents.
Navigate to: /Applications/
Option-drag the Help folder to the desktop (thereby making a copy).
Launch Acrobat.
Select File/Create PDF/From Web Page…
Click the Browse button and navigate to: “Your Desktop”/Help/index.html
Click the “Entire site” radio button and then click Create.
Once it’s done (it’ll take a while), save the PDF and then print all 210 pages of it—those who doubt that Scrivener was and is a massive effort take note.