Printing without printing the notes

Is there any way to print a page without printing its associated notes?

I’ve got a project which contains some classes I give; I’ve worked up a new course outline, and would like to show it to some probable students, but without the notes (not that they’re private; they’re just distracting).

Is there any way to print it or save it and then print it without having the notes printed?

By default, Scrivener does print without including the notes, so you must have ticked that option at some point. Are you printing via Compile, or just via File > Print Current Document? If the former, un-tick the notes checkboxes in the “Formatting” pane of Compile; if the latter, go to File > Page Setup, then from the “Settings” pop-up choose “Scrivener” and then click on the “Options…” button in the panel that appears. Then, under “Elements to Print” in the “Text Documents” tab, ensure that “Notes” is deselected.

That didn’t work, unfortunately. The Page Setup settings for ‘Scrivener’ have ‘notes’ deselected ok, but when I press cmd-P, what comes up is a dialogue that doesn’t include the ability to select ‘Scrivener’ as a setting. And if I print using “default settings”, the notes are printed.

The “Scrivener” setting is in File > Page Setup, not in File > Print Document". Just to clarify, we are talking about the document notes that appear in the Inspector, right, and not annotations or comments? If it’s the latter then you need to tick “Remove annotations” or deselect “Insert linked comments” (or both) in File Page Setup > Settings > Scrivener > Options…

Yes, the notes that appear in the Inspector, shortcut cmd-shift-8.

I a) checked that notes were not checked in Page Setup and b) went to print. The print dialogue does not relate to the Page Setup dialogue, because the Page Setup one has an option to choose ‘Scrivener’ and the Print dialogue has no such option.

However, ahh! Changing the Page Setup as you further suggested worked. Thank you, Keith!