Printing word frequency list in Stats

Hi, all~

Is there way to print the word frequency list that’s generated in the project statistics?

Sorry if this was covered in another post–can’t seem to find it addressed here in the forums or in the help file.



No, I’m afraid that there is no way to do this.


Not terribly convenient, of course, but you could use Grab.

<<Not terribly convenient, of course, but you could use Grab.>>

I had a feeling this was the answer. I was hoping to avoid it. The mss is 550+ pages. It’s a looong list.


So, Keith–can we add printing the word stats to your ever-growing wish list? :slight_smile:


I’m afraid not. It’s just too esoteric.

Well, this post is 4 years old, but I was looking for the same thing and found it, in case any one is looking:
I pasted in a 40,000 word doc.
It sorted it by word frequency in like a second.
I copied it into text edit and made it plain text.
Put into Word. 6 columns. 16 pages.
BTW: “The” was #1 of course. 1913 appearances. Will try to cut some in the next draft…