The thing Scrivener is worst at is printing. It is neither straight-forward nor well-designed. I’ve generated literally hundreds of compilations trying to get my document to print the way I want it. Unfortunately the last setting I tried has just put me back days and days of wasted effort. Literally. I’m at wit’s end.

No matter what the plusses of Scrivener (and they’re great plusses) there is no point to any of it IF I CAN’T PRINT. So,before I go back to using MS Word (yeah, that’s how bad it is, I’ll even go back to MS if I have to) can someone please tell me how to print like this:

  • padding on page 1 (I have 15 lines set on the formatting page, and have unticked ‘do not add…’ on the layout page but this has stopped working)
  • 3cm margins all round (my top margin is currently way short of the 3cm I’ve set manually)
  • get rid of the scene titles that have suddenly started appearing
  • get rid of end of scene markers
  • number every page from 1 to the end, without re-starting numbers every chapter (this is currently working, but it likes to reset itself to renumber from each chapter whenever I make adjustments to print settings trying to get everything else working)
  • centre my chapter headings (these are set up in my document, already centred and are currently working again just fine, although became temporarily left-aligned and I have no idea why they did that or how I fixed them)
  • headers and footers on every page, the same ones on every page (these are working for now, but they weren’t earlier, when everything else was working)
  • footnotes showing on bottom of page (currently working)

That’s it. That’s all I want to do. But these cannot all be done together. After the last disastrous attempt, scene titles have started appearing, top margin is way short of 3cm (although I’ve got that set properly and they were working just fine before), end of scene markers have started appearing, and padding’s stopped.

The closest I’ve come to achieving everything working the way I wanted, was to to only have an issue with the page numbers - they insisted on renumbering anew for every chapter.

I’m working on a custom setting and using a proofing layout with no transformation and overrides in place. I tried changing from custom to one of the presets but those appear to be filled with too many defaults that I’m not keen on, and of course wipe all other settings and set me back days.

Thanks - appreciate any help I can get.

One short answer: Scrivener is for writing and then compiling to a format that you can use in another software to print etc. I export in rtf and use Nisus for layout, styles, printing etc. (Frankly I have not printed one page in ages, saving trees etc, and I have a small Press!).
But someone else could advise you on how to print directly from Scrivener (which is also doable).

Have a nice day.
Emilio Speciale

To the OP - are you aware that there’s a “quick and dirty” way of achieving some of what you want without compiling - for proofing purposes, say? Select all the documents in the Binder that you wish to print, put them together in Scrivenings mode, and then go to File > Page Setup. On the first pane that opens, click the drop-down list at the top, choose “Scrivener”, set your margins in the new pane and click “Options…” at the foot of the pane. In the pane that’s revealed choose “Text Documents” and select the Print Options you want. Then click OK, OK again and go to File > Print Documents. This is a method that I often use to print and proof relatively simple projects.