Priority on Writing

Hmm, what do I write, in what genre? Lately I’ve been writing a lot of mystery/suspense that seems to span decades or a decade. Getting a grip on timelines for events is something to be worked on.

I’ve had another story rattling around in my head for a few months. Working on how to fictionalize something, an event, that had far reaching implications and shattered a family.

Then there is the western I’ve always wanted to write to …

I know what you mean - reviewing my ideas file I have titles and rough outlines for

11 near future police books (more action than police procedural); Theif taker, Blue murder, White knight, Dark motives, Wild justice, Cold fury, Hood rat, Dirty Money, Loose cannon, and Ghost rider

2 other crime books set in the same context but with the bad guys as main figures; the Bad Guy, & The Long ride,

a trilogy set in the future after an epidemic ; After the Wave , Code of Honour, Rip tide

a trilogy set in space / fictional planets ; Drop team , Frost Range, Rubicon

and several other rough thoughts without working titles

The difficult bit is settling down to work on one is particular :slight_smile: