Prnting Scrivings -how?

OK newbie question. I Ctrl click on three or four scenes in different chapters. I click the Scrivening button and they all come together on screen and I set to work.

I want to read over the revises with a cup of coffee - how do I print it out?

If I use compile I have to manually enter which scenes I want (not always easy to see and you risk accidentally losing you doc), if I use Ctrl+P it only prints the focussed doc.

Thanks in advance for any help.


Keep the focus in the binder (where you have multiple selections) when you select Print. That should grab all the documents selected.

You can also now select collections for compile, so if you’re working with a group of scenes in a collection (or want to create a collection from some pieces you’re regularly working on) that would be an easier set up for compile. In the Contents tab just choose the collection from the drop-down menu at the top. For just a rough print, though, the first method is quick and easy.

Thanks Jennifer but wow that is really clunky.

For starters I would assume that if one has Scriven text together then print would mean print that out. Second when you do it with the Binder highlighted it does work but it says it will pint out your document - singular - very unintuitive.

I also managed to click on the binder to check I had focus and all the scenes I highlighted then moved to one place together. One thing I HATE with Scrivener is that there is no Ctrl+Z function for something like this (at least I think there isn’t). I keep moving things accidentally and so far no probs putting them back but I am v nervous…

But once again thanks for the help. And I might have lots of grouses with the program but I think it is doing the job :slight_smile: