Pro Writing Aid & Scrivener 3 for Windows

Hello all,

I’m hoping to tap into the collect L&L knowledge pool before I do something daft.

I use ProWritingAid (PWA) with projects in Word and I’ve dabbled with its Scrivener integration on S1 for Windows. I’ve now upgraded to S3.

I’m at a point where I need to throw a 160000 word project at PWA. Would anyone have any recommendations of the best approach? Compile to Word and then use PWA or let PWA straight into the S3 project.

I thought I’d ask first before I blunder in and set off the bear-traps.

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I can only speak from Mac with PWA, but no issues here with working directly with the Scrivener project.

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I’ve been told that it isn’t safe to let any other program mess with Scrivener files. Instead I was told to sync to a file, close scrivener, and then run prowriting aid on that sync, then sync back. Personally, I just sync a section at a time when I want to use Pro-writing aid and then sync back using new collection after turning the section into a collection.

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OK - that sounds promising. Thanks

Yes - I forgot to mention sync - which throws another variable.

I’ll experiment with the selective sync/collections that you’ve mentioned.


i’m at that stage . ive made a copy and imported that to PWA.
but not sure how that syncs with Scrivener . . so Ive been copy and pasting back. . sync sounds good but how?

Look for the Sync with External Folder command in the manual.

PWA does claim to be able to edit Scrivener projects directly. If you use that feature, please make sure to have a current backup before you launch PWA.

I have a folder under documents for scrivener 3 syncs. Under that I have Newsletter 2023. Under that Draft. That’s the folder I sync with.
The sync options I choose are only:

  1. Sync contents of the draft folder
  2. Sync ONLY documents in collection [New Collection]
  3. RTF format

I delete the old [new collection]
I take the things I want to sync (articles for this month’s newsletter) and make them a New Collection.

Then I sync. That gives me all my articles as rtf files in that drafts folder. Then I use Antidote to grammar and style check them. I’m sure PWA will work fine. I save them back in the drafts folder as RTF.

Then I sync again and the changed documents update my articles.

I’ve never had any problems. Nothing is writing into Scrivener but scrivener.

I disagree with @kewms about have a current backup. You should have at least 2 current backups in at least two different places. One on another drive and one in the cloud. I keep 2 current backups and also scrivener’s backups which I also backup to an external drive and the cloud. Also I keep previous versions. I’d feel like I was 30 stories high without a net if I only had 1 backup. :grin:

LOL. I didn’t say I only had one. I typically have at least three of the current version, plus old versions (and their backups), plus a periodic full system backup. You and I are not the people I was addressing.