Every time I start Scrivener, it bumps into our firewall trying to contact the domain, which seems to be your lit&lat server.

What’s it up to? Does it need to make the connection to function?

Probably checking for updates. Try disabling the auto update feature and see if that helps.


In Preferences, general section, disable “Check automatically for new version,” and the connexions should disappear.

Exactly. There is no secret about this - when you launch Scrivener for the first time, it asks you if you want to check for updates upon start up. If this is selected, obviously it is going to try to connect to my server. :slight_smile: Oh, and I’m also stealing all your writing - that was my master plan all along, buhaha. (j/k :slight_smile: )


Not a bad plan. Let’s see…
Scrivs out there: 1000+
Average annual income per writer: $0.17
Hmm… do the math!
I think you may have something there :bulb:

Can I be your agent?