Probably a silly Q


Busy trying to decide whether to buy a dell ubuntu box or an imac. Apps will lead the choice. I just wondered whether Scrivener will support outlining:

My problem is that I need ‘intelligent’ outlining. Ie.

header a
child b
child b
child c
child c
child b
header a

I’d like to be able to then fold in by level so I can choose to see only
header a’s plus child b’s, with child c’s hidden or only header’s and
then be able to unfold in same way. I find it a good way to write /

I also write a lot both essays and creative, so I’ll need a scrivener type app anyway



Scrivener’s binder and outline view do just that - they work like regular outliners in many ways. (Clicking on an item in the outliner shows the text associated with that item in the text editor.)

If you do not have access to a Mac at the moment, you might want to pop into an Apple store and see if they will let you try out the Scrivener demo on it. Tell them that it may sway you either way. :slight_smile: I have no idea whether they’ll let you, mind.


I need to decide tween 20 and 24" anyway. Must admit ubuntu is cool until you need to use the command line :frowning:

I don’t know if it’s store policy or just luck, but I’ve never had a problem downloading and installing apps at an Apple Store. Even when I asked first. :smiley:

Definitely go find an Apple Store and look at the two models. I thought I needed a 24" until I saw the new 20" – the smaller bottom frame makes the screen seem larger.

On Ubuntu versus OS X, there’s a passionate discourse on SlashDot about comparing the two systems. On Intel Mac hardware, you could run them both. … 01/1412209

Yeah, saw that one, it wasn’t bad. Didn’t realise I could run both tho! Once again I’ve spent all night night trying to install test apps manually on Ubuntu, largely unsuccessfully apart from not being able to see my /share library at all anymore that is. I’ve pretty much decided that interesting as it all is, I actually want to DO things related to writing more than I want to learn tech esoteria.

Interesting about the 20", I really need to get to see them properly. I decided to wait for Leopard anyway (assuming Oct is happening) and forego the free i-pod offer that’s on right now. I was reading up on some forum or another where a load of mac ppl were arguing about the two screens re colour bleed (yellow I think) that apparently the 24 was much better - only reason I mentioned that size, 20 would be plenty real estate for me. Maybe they were more into DTP type stuff. Still, it’s a big investment either way. I guess there’s only so much you can get from web research without terminal confusion setting in.

Thanks for the info

I’ve read comments on the MacIntouch website that the 24" screen actually has better specs than the 20" in terms of resolution, brightness, viewing angle - you may want to check this out before you buy.