Problem adding name file for male fornames

I’m using Scrivener version 3.2.3 (14869) on a Mac running Catalina. When I import a csv file to the name generator I get the following message when I select the type Male Forenames.

“Names could not be generated. No forename lists are selected for inclusion in name generation so no names can be generated. Use the table in the options to select some forename lists to include.”

If I import the file selecting either Female Forenames or Surnames, then names are generated with no issues. Only when I select Male Forenames. I’ve tried it using two different files with the same results. Works fine with Female Forenames selected but not when Male Forenames is selected.

Google search will do a better job of finding names anyway, with a lot more control.

Try exporting a current male name list and look at CVS and compare against file trying to import to see if can pick out difference. I have imported a lot but on win scriv

Thanks. I don’t see an export function in the Mac version. Maybe I’m missing something.

I didn’t either I thought there was one. I could give you a list of arab male forenames that I created that I uploaded to Scrivener 3. You could look at file and try to upload. The cvs format is not allowed, but could send to your email if want or have you email me. Lee

I wonder if the built-in lists are copyrighted. If so, that’s why there is no export function.

That is probably true