Problem after I buy scapple with paypal??

Good evening.

This afternoon I made a transaction to acquire scapple 1.0 For Windows (regular version) via paypal. They have completed all the steps but have not received any notification. My email is (my wife, rather, because we have the operation done in their name) What happened? Is it normal? Thank you

I would contact our sales e-mail address directly so we can help you out more easily than on a public forum.

ok, the forum post has been suggestion of you. after receiving an automatic email that report the existence of some problems.

Sorry for the confusion over that! We meant it more in the sense of learning the software or if you have technical problems.

Ok, isn’t problem!! I will send the mail. Thanks

Just clarify that I have acquired Scapple correctly (apparently did not get to do all the steps with Paypal and was not completed before closing the transaction).

I am a lawyer and I use Scapple as a board or canvas that allows order ideas at times. Fantastic!

Some insist on thinking it is a mind mapping software, but it is not, in my view. I consider my reference software for brainstorming.

It’s great!

Great! Glad to hear you got things sorted out. It sounds to me as though you’ll get along just fine with the software. We don’t consider it to be mind-mapping either, at least in the strict sense of the term with the branching tree approach to thinking. 8)