Problem After Re-Downloading Scrivener

I used Scrivener on an old laptop, but it’s no longer in use. Recently I redownloaded Scrivener to my new laptop without any registration issues (that I noticed) and none of my old projects have appeared anywhere. I previously thought Scrivener was a Cloud device and wanted to know if I was wrong, if there’s anything I did wrong, someplace I’m not looking, etc. Thanks much!

Scrivener is just ordinary software that loads files off of your computer, just like Word, Paint and OneNote. You need to copy your project folders from the old computer to the new one. You’ll be looking for folders with “.scriv” on the end of the name, as though it were a file extension. Wherever you find one of those, copy the whole folder to the new computer—everything in it. All of those files belong to one individual project. Thus you should be copying as many folders like that as you have projects.

I would also consider grabbing your old project backups from the old computer. The easiest way to find these is to go into Scrivener on the old computer and use Tools/Options…, click on the Backup tab, and then the button to load the backup folder. Now copy those files over to the new computer as well, for safe-keeping.