Problem after Update with Internet Connection

After I updated Scrivener, it tells me it can’t find an internet connection when I click “check for updates.”

Yep. Same here, and a few others. I’m wondering if it’s the update check failing ungracefully. That is, there isn’t another update, so it throws that particular error.

Could be a sign of being stuck behind a firewall?

Yeah, me too. It’s not my firewall, I think it’s a bug with 1.2.1
winxp sp3

Nope, not a firewall issue, since I updated 1.0.3 just fine. (Well, fine meaning it found the update and downloaded it. That it installed it to the ScrivenerBeta directory is another issue entirely.)

Not a firewall issue. In my case, there is no firewall. Everything else is accessing the internet just fine.

Same here. Update from 1.03 to 1.2.1 went fine without glitches, but now I can’t check for updates anymore. No problem with the rest of the Internet though. So it’s a bug. Poor Lee, must be sweating like hell now :wink: I know how this must feel :frowning:

Allegedly the problem is fixed for most users in 1.2.3. It isn’t for me, but I’m strange–I’m using the windows version under WINE, and I’ve been told there are issues with the updater and VM’s/wine now. My fiance had no issues updating, for instance.

Had the same problem with 1.2.1. After downloading 1.2.3 and plain old installing it over 1.2.1 I get the “Scrivener is all up to date”-message.


Same error after update to latest version.

Interesting. Are you using WINE or a VM?

You have posted three times on this forum and none of the posts have anything to do with Scrivener…

Same bug. :frowning:((

And I’m not using WINE or a VM.

Norton 360 ( is installed on my VISTA.

I checked settings of Norton 360 firewall – all is allowed.

I’m using and can’t update because it says no internet connection. I also have problems with the program freezing. Using windows 7.