Problem (and Solution) with Running Scrivener in Windows 8

When I’ve tried running Scrivener in Windows 8, I repeatedly received the error that the “side-by-side configuration” was incorrect.

After some googling, I found a solution that worked. Go to the Microsoft website and download the Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable (here: ). It’s a 4 MB download, and once it’s installed, everything works.

Hopefully, that helps somebody. I looked around and didn’t see anyone posting about this, so maybe it’s just me.


Just in case anyone sees this, according to the release notes, it looks like they updated Scrivener to use the VS2010 runtime instead. So hopefully the bug is gone.

I said “hopefully” because the release notes don’t actually say whether they now install the VS2010 redistributable. If they don’t, then there might be a chance that some folks would need to perform a similar workaround at some point.