Problem: Chapter headings aligning to the left.

I have been compiling my manuscripts as ebooks for 3 years without a problem, but now my Chapter headings ‘ONE,’ ‘TWO,’ ‘THREE,’ etc are aligning to the left when I open the book on my Kindle. They have also reduced in size down to the same font size as the body text.

The scene headings are aligning correctly in the middle and have maintained their font size.

I cannot find anywhere to edit or change the chapter headings in Scrivener 3.

Any help and guidance would be appreciated as I am a t a loss now after hours of searching.

Based your question and some guesswork, it sounds like you may have transitioned from Scrivener 2 to 3, and haven’t adapted your settings to Scrivener 3’s new compile setup. My answer is based on this assumption. If I’m in error, please provide more detail about what may have changed between your previous success and current difficulty, including which version(s) of Scrivener you were/are using, and what version(s) of Mac OS you were/are running.

If you did move from 2 to version 3, you need to check out how compile has changed, so you can adapt your compile settings to mimic what you used to do. … ng-compile

However you arrived at this behavior, it also seems as though you’re adding “CHAPTER ONE”, etc… to the text of your documents, rather than relying on the compile process to add those for you. That’s fine, but it may not be what the compile settings assumed you were going to do. If you moved to Scrivener 3, and want to continue doing things that way, then the easiest thing to do is to use the “Heading 1” style on all of your chapter headings. You can re-define what Heading 1 looks like, by using that text in your editor as the starting point (see Format->Style->Redefine style from current selection).

I’m having the same issue. It started after I just updated to 3.1.4. I haven’t changed anything in my document (other than fixing a few typos). When I re-compiled, all of my Chapter headings appear as standard body text, instead of centered and all caps. I tested this on two documents, both of which were created in Scrivener 3 and the second of which has been completely unchanged since my last compile.