Problem compile to .FDX in Scrivener 1.2.5

I’d updated Scrivener to 1.2.50 and the first thing I tried was compile to final draft (.FDX)
I tried it several times (even restarted the computer just in case that was the issue) but all I got was one blank page when I opened it in FD 8.03 (the latest)

I’ve attached a screengrab of my settings (as far as the window would allow) all necessary sections below are checked off exactly as the ones shown

Am I doing something wrong or is there a bug?

Exporting to final draft is a very important feature which I’ve been eagerly awaiting

I tried another screenplay. That one DID compile to the .fdx setting with only a few errors.
However, though I checked to make sure that BOTH screenplays had the same compile settings I still get just get ONE blank page for the first one.

I even tried saving the setting I had used in the 2nd (successful) screenplay and loading it into the 1st one, but still just got one blank page.


here is the screengrab from the compile to FDX that DID work.
As far as i can tell, they are identical to the unsuccessful one (including the other two tabs)

Does ANYONE have an answer to this issue?
What am I doing wrong?
I need to compile this script soon

Many to Jennifer at Tech Support for solving the problem. The export to .fdx now works!