Problem Compiling Block Quotes

I am in the early stages of learning Scrivener 3 Mac and most of the problems that I have encountered have been solved via trial and error, via this forum or on the web. So far so good and I can see the power and felxibility of the software.

There is one problem that I haven’t found an answer to. Apologies if this is a newbie mistake. I have block quotes that are formattedas a Style with Gill Sans, 12 point 1.3 line height. I have no difficulty changing these parameters to a new font or new font size etc…

However when I compile to Word the main output is fine but the the block quote is compiled with a line height of 1.0. I go into Compile, select the project format, click on the gear icon and change the line hieght to 1.3 again… Then I save. Then I re-compile and hey presto the line height is back to 1.0 and compiles as such. Other styles in the Paragraph Styles pane seem not to have this problem.

I have got everything set to ‘As Is’ (I believe) but the lineheight problem manifests itself both before and after hitting compile. For the life of me I cannot find where I have gone wrong.

Any help gratefully recieved. Please be gentle if my error is very basic.


Are you changing the line height for block quote in the Styles section of the compile format? If you look the Styles section from page 635 of the Scrivener manual (in the Help menu) it will take you through the compiling of styles.