problem compiling to PDF?`

Tonight I’m seeing a “not responding” message prior to the pop-up, “compile complete.” When opening the compiled PDF, changes I’ve made are not appearing. Anyone else experienced this?? :cry:

this is also occurring when I tested it to see if it would compile latest changes to a Word Doc file. No luck. I do use Dropbox for project storage (but not PDF or other compiled outputs).
Thanks for any suggestions. (I’ve made no changes to Scrivener’s configuration settings, which is why this is so puzzling.)

To what location are you sending the files resulting from Compile?

Thanks for the response! Actually, I realized tonight that via brain freeze I was editing documents in the wrong folder and it wasn’t in the compile list. :blush:

Well, as long as everything works out in the end, a little brain freeze now and then is something one has to learn to accept, right? :smiley: