Problem creating an outline

A basic question–I went through a fair bit of the tutorial for Scrivener and now have created a project and folders in my manuscript. I want to start an outline for my project but when I click the Outliner tool, it shows my two chapters I’ve started vertically, down the left side, and I can’t tell how to proceed or what to do to begin the outline…what am I missing?

Welcome, you have to make sure the file or folder you click on has multiple files nested inside of it or you cannot see the outliner or corkboard view. These views are not available to a single file. Also you can customize the outliner columns by clicking the Caret symbol at the top far right to show you options for the columns including whether to have the synopsis visible with the file title or not. I hope that helps. I created a project just to teach myself scrivener and add info as I go, Scrivener has webinars which can be very helpful as well and multiple old ones are available to look at.

Create scene documents in the Binder and add a few lines in the Synopsis pane for each scene. Now you can get an Overview of all your scenes in the Outliner.

When you want your complete Outline in an output document, choose Compile and select the Outline Compile Format in the left column.
Press the Compile button in the bottom right and check the results.

You can change Compile Settings by double-clicking the Compile Format and copy the Format before editing it.

You mentioned that you looked at the Tutorial, but have you looked specifically at “The Outliner” under the “Get Organised” folder in the Tutorial project?

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Many thanks, your replies helped me with Outliner. I appreciate it.