Problem emptying Trash folder

Hi - apologies if this is a known issue, I ran a quick search and couldn’t see a related topic :slight_smile:

My trash folder contains a large number of files (about 300 I think) because I inadvertently imported every image file on my machine into a project (I still don’t know how, but that’s not your problem!).

I moved all of these to the trash folder and decided to empty the folder. I tried it twice, using the same method - select the trash folder, ctrl+click to get context menu and then select ‘empty trash’.

The first time, I got the spinning beachball. I wasn’t able to select any other options and couldn’t activate the dock to or the menu to force a quit. After two minutes I did a reset.

I tried it again and this time just left it alone to see if it would eventually come back to life. After a few minutes (six I think, not sure - I went to wash the dishes!) it crashed with an error (I will email the log as it’s very long).

Hope that’s enough info :slight_smile:


Yes, please do send me the crash log - there are only a couple of chunks of code that are affected by “Empty Trash”, so with the log this shouldn’t be too hard to track down. It’s probably a problem with deleting documents from disk.