Problem: exporting and Default Folder

I’ve noticed that exporting draft on my system (on which I used the Default Folder application) causes a spinning ball.

This happens even when I try to export only one chapter, forcing me to hard quit Scrivener.

Hmm. I can’t recreate this bug. I have tried installing Default Folder on my machine and exporting the draft, and everything works fine. What settings do you have for your export? What are you exporting as (RTF etc)?

Please give me as much information as possible - if I can’t recreate the bug, I can’t fix it. :slight_smile: If you can isolate how to get this crash to happen every time, please let me know. If it seems to be a problem with your particular project, please could you send me a copy of your project? (You can use Replace All to turn the text into gibberish by replacing random letters.)