Problem Exporting Tables to .doc

I have been trying to compile my document for .doc and PDF formats and have experienced some difficulty in getting my tables to format correctly. in PDF there is no problem with the tables and they appear just as I designed them in Scrivener, however, with .doc there are many added spaces and cells and the formatting is all wrong. These tables do contain footnotes (which are being turned into endnotes, see this forum: Problems with exporting footnotes). This is while using the basic OSX converter.

While using the RTF exporter the table is deleted entirely, simply listing the text without any borders or formatting, simply a line break after (what used to be) each cell.

Any assistance greatly appreciated.

Tech: Mac OSX 10.7.2 Scrivener 2.1, viewing .doc in Apple Pages, PDF in Preview

The standard OS X .doc exporter strips table formatting - it is another limitation of Apple’s exporter, unfortunately. Tables are preserved perfectly in RTF; however, Pages doesn’t not fully support the RTF format, so if you open an RTF file in Pages its formatting won’t come across entirely, which is most likely why you’re not seeing the table.

There are two possible solutions:

  1. Export to RTF and then open the RTF file in Word or OpenOffice, then Save As a .doc or .docx from there.

Or (even better!):

  1. Download the latest beta of Scrivener:

This adds some new Java libraries that will provide much better .doc and .docx export (internally, the RTF gets converted to .doc or .docx using a Java library that retains all formatting). You will need Java installed, but Scrivener will walk you through that if it you don’t have it on your computer already.

All the best,