Problem File transfer from Mac to PC

I’m moving from the mac world to PC. It says on the website that you just need to transfer the file from the mac to your PC. When I try to use a USB drive it says it’s going to take 10 hours. It only takes this long for Scrivener files. When I try to use a file hosting site it zips the file, making it so that I can’t open it on my PC.

How big is the project? (in megabytes or gigabytes)

How old is the USB drive?

Why can’t you open a zip file on the PC?

You shouldn’t let a project get that big. Keep research in Evernote or Notes. Put the images in an external folder and refer to them with <$img> links.

I tried another USB drive and it worked. But I don’t see “.scrivx” file in any folder when I copy the mac OS file to Windows 10

I only have 1 image and the project is only 50,000 words

Then how is 50 gigabytes?