Problem Following Install

Hi, Desktop Windows XP SP3 fully patched. All Betas except Vers 49 installed and worked correctly.
Great Program :smiley:
Rather than pursuing issues with 49 I waited for Vers 1.0
Before Installing 1.0 uninstalled previous vers and then uninstalled every trace of Scrivener including Project Files etc.
Vers 1.0.1 appeared to install without Problem activated OK. Opened at the New Project File window attempted to Create New Project .
Receive the Windows “Scrivener has encountered a problem needs to close etc.”
I then cannot open Scrivener again unless I delete the newly created Project.
If I Import a Project from another Computer exactly the same thing will occur.
I can delete all projects from within the “All Projects File” and I can open Scrivener to the “New Project File” only.
If I exit that Window and reopen Scrivener I Get a dialog box saying
[u]"Project My Documents is incompatible with this version of Scrivener.

The Project at C:/Documents and settings/---------/My Documents is incompatible with this version of Scrivener."[/u]

As soon as I close this dialog box I have the “New Project” window open.

There we go a complete Circle :confused:
Scrivener functions perfectly on a laptop with the same OS and Security Program so I am lost and in need of Help.
Thanks in anticipation.

Quick update.
Uninstalled Scrivener.
Downloaded and Installed Latest version
Do not get an opportunity to register.
Behaves as before except when I attempt to open receive the following message.
Location Access Error
Cannot access:‘C:/Documents and Settings/_______/My Documents/project. scrivx’

File does not exist. The project may be moved or deleted.

If I click OK we are back to “New Project”

And at that point, if you create a new project, you immediately get Scrivener encountering an error and needing to close?

I’m a little confused by your description of how you deleted the projects and where Scrivener is looking–“Cannot access:'C:/Documents and Settings/_______/My Documents/project. scrivx” sounds like there isn’t a project folder, just a .scrivx saved inside My Documents, which should never be the case. I know there used to be a problem with the error message when a file was moved, deleted, or renamed, whereby Scrivener would only give the name of the containing directory rather than the file itself, but that was fixed by 1.0. Did you fully uninstall all previous versions, such that the installed “Scrivener” directory was completely removed from your computer before you installed the latest version?

Thanks for responding.

Scrivener does not open only the “New Project Window”
Scrivener only opened on the first Instal once.

I have always used add/remove prior to updating a new version.
Because I had a n issue on this Computer with Beta 49 I not only used add/remove but did a search for “Scriv” files and deleted all. then removed all project files manually.
1.0.1 Opened after installation only once then subsequently behaved as described.

I am happy to remove everything again and try a Third fresh instal but thought it may be helpful to persue from here. The second instal was done with a fresh copy of 1.0.2

Please advise what I may do to assist,


Ray G

I have removed everything Scriv off the offending desktop. Is there any other files/folders I should look/search for other than scriv before I run a registry cleaner and attempt one more instal.

Scrivener is working well on My Vista desktop and the laptop running XP. It does make life easier if I could have the second desktop operating. :slight_smile:

Ray G

I cannot open anything Scrivener on this PC now. Simply get the message shown in Screenshot “C”
Will attempt to send a pictorial view of what has happened from a fresh instal.
I will create three replies in case the screenshots are too large.

If I click OK in dialog box “Location Access Error” I go to this.

And Finally and now attempting to ope Scrivener produces this.
This occurred after I attempted to open the Scriv Tutorial from the location in the previous window.

Note:The Scrivx file in this screenshot is now shown as empty?? See the size in the Previous Screenshot prior to attempting to open.
Would submitting the “more information about this error” assist.
Am looking to assist here. :slight_smile:

Ray G

Again have cleaned all Scriv traces from PC
Done a fresh Instal of 1.0.3
Was able to view the readme file
Closed the readme file Attempted to open scrivener All I get now is the notification
“Scrivener has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.”

This means this copy on this PC is unusable. :cry:

What other advice or action can I take to assist in a solution :wink: