Problem getting scripts onto Scripts Pro (iPad 2)

I chose to buy Scripts Pro for iPad because it imports fdx files and Scrivener exports them, so I thought this would be the easiest way to get from one to the other. I’ve tried with three different scripts now, using the fdx option in Compile, saving them in dropbox and opening on the iPad in Scripts Pro. But…one full length script in Scripts Pro just contains DISSOLVE TO three times and nothing else, one has CUT TO four times and nothing else, and in one a single scene has imported perfectly - but only that scene. I’ve driven myself barmy ticking and unpicking various boxes. I know other Scrivener users have made this work perfectly - what could I be missing?

I don;t have Final Draft so I can’t check whether it’s the import or the export that’s at fault


If you’d like we could have a look at the FDX file and see if it’s all right. I’ve never had a problem exporting to FDX, so it’s probably either content settings (you’ve got most of the draft excluded, or set up in a way that most of it isn’t exporting text) or Scripts Pro not expecting something that we’re doing (they probably only test their development with Final Draft). Send it in to support [at] literatureandlatte [dot] com if that sounds all right.

Thanks, will do!