Problem importing images for Kindle book

Hi there,

I can usually find my way around such problems, but I am stumped as to how import images - in particular an image to serve as a book cover for a Kindle version. I have no problem dragging and dropping images into text, but every time I try to import an image in a folder - any folder - the “Import Image” menu item is grayed out.

Please let me know what I am doing wrong. I must be missing something obvious because I’ve searched the forum and did not see anyone else have a similar problem.

Thanks a bunch in advance,


Probably the main thing that will help you out is to know that multimedia cannot be dragged directly into the Draft folder itself, which is devoted exclusively toward text (and folders, which are just another kind of text file really). As you note, you can put images into the text stream itself, where they should appear in the final book, but putting them just anywhere outside of the textual context wouldn’t make sense.

So the first trick that you’ll need is to drag the cover graphic somewhere into your Binder other than the Draft folder. If you started your project with one of the new 2.1 templates, then you’ll find a handy place in the “Front Matter” folder, for e-books. A sample cover will already be there for you. If not, no big deal, just drag it some place useful.

Now you could drag the cover into the text stream in the Draft, but most e-books treat the cover in a special manner. They refer to it with buttons and menus, so best practice is to define the cover as a part of the compilation options. Open the Compile interface, make sure you’ve got an e-book format selected, and then look for the “Cover image” option in Summary view. Or, if you’ve already gone to the “All Options” tab, click on the Cover section in the compile options list. Use the drop-down menu to select the graphic you just imported into the Binder. In the All Options tab, you’ll see a preview of the graphic pop up and some additional advanced options available. Now you’re all set, compile that out and see how it works in your favourite reader software or hardware.

Thanks a lot Amber.

I managed to make it work as you suggested (by dragging and dropping it into the research folder.) I am still puzzled that I can drag-n-drop into Research, but I can’t do an “Import” using the menu. No big deal though, and thanks a bunch for the quick help - I am all set.



That is a little puzzling. The command shouldn’t be disabled if the Research folder or anything within it is selected. The File/Import/Files... command works by placing items wherever your selection is currently placed in the Binder. If nothing is selected, then the command will simply import the items into the bottom of the Research folder for you.

So the only thing I can think of is that something in the Draft was selected when you tried the menu.

As a real newcomer, this cover matter also flummoxed me until I learned about the separate folder necessity here and then realized that the image had to come from outside the Windows folder that contained my project. Once I figured that out, it all came together.
My cover image appears at the beginning, my table of contents follows, and the reader is off to the races. :smiley:
It’s getting easier and easier for me to make the decision to buy the license and turn Scrivener into my primary writing tool.