Problem importing opml - not translating hmtl codes


I have a problem importing an html file that contains html codes (like for example è for the character “è”.
I also experiment a strange behavior when I try to use “Project Replace” to replace all è with “è”.

Here are the steps through which then mentioned behavior is reproducible.

1- I export a NovaMind file in OPML. I include this OPML file (RicercaBib-fromNovaMind.opml) in attachment. I zipped it in order to be able to attach it.
2- I import it into a new project in Scrivener (either by using the Import menu or by dragging).
3- The first problem is that all the html codes are not translated (while the file encoding is correctly “UTF-8”).

4- The second problem is that, when using Project Replace, I try to replace the encodings by the correct character, the result is not what should be expected. Here are the steps through which I notice this strange behavior:
4.1 I put è into the Replace field;
4.2 I put “è” in the With field;
4.3 I check the Title and Text checkboxes;
4.4 I hit the Replace button and confirm.
The result is that all the occurrences of è are replaced not by “è” but by “È”.
I observe the same behavior for the other accented small letters, that are replaced by the capitalized version.

Those 2 behaviors seems to me bugs, very annoying while I was trying to make a workflow using Scrivener with NovaMind.

Thanks for your help. (5.68 KB)

On the Project Replace problem: No answer form me, just more diagnostic information: if the target of replacement is any of these, your lowercase accented replacement character will get capitalized unwontedly:


but if the target of replacement is any of the following, your lowercase accented replacement character will NOT get capitalized


It is hard to divine what Scrivener is doing behind the scenes here that would lead to this particular array of results!