problem importing video pages into research folder

I have the latest version of Scrivener for the PC, running on Win 7. I do a ton of video-oriented research and have dozens of links to youtube pages that I need to bring into the research folder. It isn’t working. I get a lot of messages saying I need adobe flash or an html 5 browser. Depending on the import method, I also sometimes see a message from Youtube saying they will no longer being supporting the Safari browser.

I know I can rip the video off of the page and import the video file, but that is massively time consuming and is slowing me down. I don’t really need the video to be able to play from within Scrivener, I’d just settle for an HTML link in my research folder that takes me to the video page in my native browser.

Your thoughts appreciated!

Rather than trying to import these pages to the binder, use the Project References in the inspector to add a link that you can then open in your regular browser. The second tab from the left (icon of the books) will open the references, and by clicking in its header you can change from Document References to Project References. The latter are available regardless of what document you’re viewing in the project, but another option if you’d prefer is to use the document references and create placeholder files in the binder for all the videos you want to reference. Thus you’d still get the list of your research material visible in the binder and could add relevant notes or keywords or synopses, but rather than importing the file you’d just provide a link to it then in the document references for that item.

To add a link to document references, either drag and drop from the browser address bar or click the “+” button and choose to create an external reference, then paste the URL into the appropriate field.

Jennifer, thanks for your help. You seem to be describing a different version of Scrivener than the one I have, as mine is not laid out as you describe. But I think I get the gist of it. On my version I have something in the inspector called project and document notes (rather than “references”). Also, when I click on the + icon, it just opens a new document by default, I have to use the dropdown to get other options. For now I will settle for simply cutting and pasting links to videos into my documents.

On my wish list for the next update: be able to embed youtube videos, as youtube is now the second largest search engine in the world.

Update: I see now the icon you were talking about. I thought you meant the book icon on the main menu. Now I see there is one in the right hand corner as well. Also I thought you meant the + sign at the top. So all is well as far as the version of the software!

Sorry, on rereading my earlier post I see I wasn’t too clear about the icons being specifically in the inspector. Glad you found them!