Problem Importing Web Pages From

I’ve crashed through the most recent five pages of this forum, and either this hasn’t been addressed or my speed reading skills are unravelling.

Last night in the midst of a reasearch frenzy, I found that importing web pages from caused an error–Scrivener informed me that it couldn’t create a web archive from the URLs.

This glitch can be replicated–at least on my side. This morning–on the other side of a little sleep and a lot of coffee–I can still choke Scrivener with pages.

(Temporarily, I’m routing around the problem by pasting addresses into standard Scrivener pages and then using the contextual menu command to open the URLs–it’s better than nothing, and keeps me in research flow.)

Any ideas out there? The syntax of the URLs look fine, with the possible exception that use hyphens in multiple-word results like proper names (william-gibson) to make them HTML-friendly.

Thanks in advance.

Yup, same problem for me with Firefox. So I tried saving the web page to the desktop with the “complete” option, and then imported it as a file into Scrivener and that worked fine.

I doubt it is the hyphens. It is more likely that whatever method Scrivener is using to identify itself with the website is triggering some robot script on that is denying the download. Just a wild guess.

Oh, and you can also save URLs in the reference list. It is a little cleaner than putting stuff right in your document. Press Cmd-8 or click the little bookmark icon at the bottom of the Inspector. You’ll get a blank list that you can drop files, URLs, and Scrivener items into. Each document in Scrivener can have one of these.

Hi Amber:

Thanks for the reply–it’s good to know it’s not some Deep Ju-Ju that’s affecting only me (aka Car With Sporadic Problem Behaving Itself At The Dealership).

I use the reference feature quite a bit when I’m tying specific text to source material. Problem here is that most of the stuff from last night was deep background reseach–meant to hover behind the work as a whole–at least until I get around to specifically tapping it.

I just tried to bookmark the same URLs in DevonThink Prol and they all linked just fine–so Keith, if you’re listening, it might indeed by a Scrivener Thing: If a robot script is involved, Christian and Company have found away around it.

And to further help box-in the glitch, unlike you, I’m experiencing the problem using Safari, thus seemingly making it cross-browser.

Thanks again.


When reporting bugs like this, could you please at least provide me with a URL that does not work? I just tried and it works fine, so without enough info to investigate the bug, I can do little to fix it.

Try this one: It does not work via drag and drop, nor Cmd-Opt-W, for me. This is using the Tutorial as a test project.

Sorry, Keith–my bad.

or from Safari and then attempting to use either of them to create a web page via pasting in Scrivener consistently fails. They both work in DevonThink Pro–from Safari.

Hope this helps.